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Ice Zapper 2 is a Satellite Dish Heater Kit w/ Manual Control for 46cm to 1.2 Meter Dish Antennas. When wet soft snow builds up it and then hardens in cold wind conditions, you could be left without TV or Internet. Do you feel like climbing on your roof and scraping ice and snow just so you can watch your satellite TV? We didn’t think so.

With the Ice Zapper from Empire Wireless you won’t have to clear snow or ice off of your satellite dish again. Don’t get snowed in with nothing to watch buy the Ice Zapper today!!! Instead of using a heating pad which clears only up to 40 square inches of dish surface, The Ice Zapper dish heater has two heating pads. This gives you enough radiant heat to clear approximately 80-140 square inches of dish antenna surface.

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